Quick Tap English

FasterEFT has it’s own version of a prayer and it’s called the quick tap. Robert did a masterful job in putting together a powerful list of the primary emotions that overwhelm us. And it’s not exactly, but it’s sort of like a prayer in that we are appealing to something higher than ourselves, our higher mind, inner wisdom, or to God to hear our plea for help. The veterans all have it memorized, and practitioners like myself may use it once on every issue that we work on with ourselves or others. I always use it in my own tapping to start off. Using the quick tap is like having the calvary come in on their horse’s and surrounding the bad feeling. I know if I’m working on anger, I might feel sad about what happened too, and maybe guilty about what I did or said, and possibly afraid about the consequences. So I highly recommend that those who are new to FasterEFT to memorize the quick tap. I also believe that you shouldn’t just say; I release and let go of all of my sadness, don’t just think it, but see yourself releasing all of your sadness, since the subconscious mind’s language is primarily pictures and not words. See it and let your mind discover what it’s like to let go of the sadness, fear, emotional trauma, etc. We dream in pictures, not words. (We certainly hold pictures of what we don’t want in our mind). Get an image of yourself as that sadness leaves your body, and end up with a smile on your face. Breathe through it. Change structure and practice feeling good. Fall in love with the change.

Also Robert says, it’s what you do before you do it, that tells you what to do. So before you start your session, ask yourself: what do I want, what does having that look and feel like. Set your mind up for success. Robert’s youtube video 94 would be a great help.

The Quick Tap (to be memorized, from a composite [by Ken Skills] of Roberts video’s)

Tap between the eyes: I release and let go of all of my sadness’.

Tap on the side of the eye: I release of all of my fears.

Tap under the eye: I release and let go of all my emotional trauma’s, all feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, all my trapped feelings, all my feelings of no control.

Tap on the collarbone: I release and let go of all of my guilts, angers, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, frustration, and everything else. (add a tag of your own personal issues to release).

Take a nice deep breath, grab your wrist: And say peace.

Move on to aiming at the individual aspects, seeing and feeling what it’s like to let it go. Always end up with positive images, and a smile on the inside and outside.