Price, Cost, Rate, Fee? Payment

I take 800 SEK/hour (plus VAT for businesses) and recommend a 2 hour first appointment. If you during the first half hour feel ”this is not for me” you can receive full refund. I will deduct any costs for receiving payment/sending refund, but if you pay direct to my bank account and give me a way to pay you without charges, there will be no deductions.

How to pay?

Payment can be made directly to my Nordea Bank account:   3480 00 01234   (the first four numbers are the clearing number).   My VAT no:  SE450611951201   I can give you additional details if you are paying from outside Sweden.

I can send a PayPal bill if that fits you better. (It can have the advantage of more quickly showing up as PAID than when paying direct to my bank account) but I lose about 50 SEK getting it that way.

Guarantee? Refund?

If you have a specific well-defined and easily tested goal, we can make an agreement in writing. Contact me for more details.