Client log permission

FasterEFT Log Consent Form

As part of the FasterEFT Practitioner Certification requirements, I am required to keep a client log. The log is a journal of all the clients I have worked with. I am required to keep a log of the hours spent with each client and a record of the client’s name and email details. The content of our sessions will not be submitted in the log.

Robert G. Smith, the founder of FasterEFT may wish to email you to confirm that I have worked with you for the hours stated in the log.

Therefore, I would like to gain your consent so I can add your name to my log.


I give Jeff Forssell my full consent to use my name & email address in his client log.


E-mail address:


A copy of this completed form will simultaneously be sent to your e-mail address. Nothing remains on this webpage.