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Robert G. Smith The intake gives the magic combo… the A.R.T. of Change will unlock the riddle we don’t understand. Ask the questions and the answer will magically appear before your eyes. We can ask the following questions to really understand the structure of a client’s problems and what they don’t want to experience.

“Why are you here today?”
“How do you know you have this problem?”
“Inside you, what happens?”
“What occurs for you to have this problem?”
“When do you have problem X?”
“What are your favourite opportunities to have problem X?”
“What happens when you have X?”
“Do you have good reasons why you have Problem X?”
“Do you know anyone who has problem X? Give me examples”
“Why is it important for you to not have this problem?”
“Prove to me you don’t want this”
“What would your life be like if you did not have this?”
“What bad things could happen if your problem is gone?”
“How much worse could it get?”
“Give me the worst that this could be… when this session is over it’s going to get 100% worse… how much worse could it get?”
“If this problem was a person, who would it be?”
“What are the benefits of having this problem?”
“Why is this a problem?” Keep asking this as every answer provides you with a deeper truth.
“What’s the worst part?”
“How much more X (painful) could it go? How do you know?”
“How do you know it could be X (painful)?”
“What’s the worst of the worst? And you know what that is, right?”
“What are the advantages of having X?”
“How will your life change now? You don’t have X… what does that mean to you…?
“It’s now gone. What are the side effects of that?”

When we begin to transform these problems, we are not actually dealing with the problems themselves; instead we are dealing with the experiences (how they are held within) prior to the problem at hand.

Robert G. Smith Guy this information is for FasterEFTers