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FasterEFT YouTube videos and subtitles

The FasterEFT YouTube video channel, previously called HealingMagic, is a great resource for spreading the method throughout the world. YouTube is a great resource and has quite powerful subtitling resources. Here I want to collect some things that can be used.

How can we use subtitles that exist, even for other languages

This one is pretty accurate but there were some small changes made in the winter of 2014. I’ve added some annotations  about those changes and hope to make a new video soon.  If you click anywhere in the video player (or maximize it to fullscreen) you can comfortably start and stop the video with the SPACE bar. Nice if you are having a problem keeping up with the text. You can also chose to run the video slower, by choosing SPEED in the settings (gear) menu, and choosing 0.5 or 0.25.

How can we make more subtitles?

There is a Facebook group for coordinating efforts to make FasterEFT subtitles: Fastereft Subtitles group

Making English subtitles might seem unnecessary since the videos are in English (sort of :lol: ). But English subtitles are very useful in many ways:

  1. For hearing impaired English speakers
  2. For English speakers that are used to Oklahoma dialect
  3. As a useful base for immediate  usable, though imperfect, autotranslations to MANY other languages
  4. As base for those making proper human translations to other languages
  5. (possibly to make a thoughly searchable database of the verbal content)

So even if you only know English you can be a big help for the FasterEFT YouTube video subtitles.

If you know other languages you are very welcome. Cleaning up an autotranslation from English can be quite easy.

Here is an example of how one can work with subtitles.

 How can I embed a video in my homepage with subtitles in my language?